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Ben grows with the help of EPI

Dear Paul, Ellen, Daniel, Chris, Jean, and Terry,

Thank you all for supporting Ecology Project International (EPI) as they work to improve and inspire science education and conservation efforts worldwide through field-based student-scientist partnerships. Your contributions supported someone like Ben, a participant of the Yellowstone Program:

The son of two scientists, I like to read and play the piano and trumpet. I have a natural appreciation for biology and hope to someday study island ecology and species adaptation.

I signed up for EPI’s Yellowstone Program because I love nature, and Yellowstone National Park is such an amazing place to study awesome creatures such as the mountain bluebird and wolverines. I also appreciated the time to explore apart from my family.

During my EPI course, I learned about the world and the relationship between organisms and how they’re all so closely related. I became more self-sufficient and also found more confidence by realizing I am more capable and independent than I ever thought I was. Even though I was already a science fanatic, my interest in ecology and field work has greatly expanded and I hope to reach out to scientists and continue learning experiential education in the future.

Thank you Ellen, Daniel, Chris, Jean, Terry and Paul for giving someone like Ben the chance to build their confidence and become more self-sufficient.

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