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EPI Yellowstone participant is putting their passion to work

Dear Jere, Emily, Mary, Joseph, Kari, and Julie,

Thank you all for supporting Ecology Project International (EPI) as they work to improve and inspire science education and conservation efforts worldwide through field-based student-scientist partnerships. Your contributions supported someone like Mackenzie:

My name is Mackenzie, I am 18 and I have lived in Missoula, MT for as long as I can remember. I am about to graduate from Sentinel High School and I will be attending the University of Montana in the fall going after a biology major.

I think a big problem we face today is the enormous number of people on Earth. There are so many of us and we use so much energy every day. A big challenge will be how to get enough energy, food, water, and medicine to everyone without destroying our precious planet. I think that if we put our heads together we can find a way, but we will need a lot of ingenuity and teamwork.

EPI has affected me most by finally giving me a place where I can put all my passion for conservation to work. I have been able to do some pretty awesome things that have made me even more sure that this is where I want to spend my life. I am so happy that I have found a way to start making a difference both in my community and globally.

Thank you Jere, Emily, Mary, Joseph, Kari, and Julie for supporting EPI!

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